Valletta Shore Excursion

Valletta Shore Excursion

When the Knights of the Order of St. John came to Malta in 1530 they quickly realized that to hold control of the harbours they would have to fortify the Sciberras peninsula, where Valletta today stands. The decision to build a fortified, planned city was taken shortly after the victory of The Great Siege of 1565 against the Ottomans. Built as ‘the ideal city’ as well as the stronghold of the Knights, it was designed by one of the leading architects of the time. It is Europe’s smallest walled city, an architectural gem which has managed to retain its original character. The whole city of Valletta became a one monument World Hertiage Site in 1980.

The view from the Upper Barrakka Gardens is breathtaking, here the tour guide will start with an introduction to the city. At a leisurely pace, you will see Valletta’s main landmarks whilst learning about the history behind these imposing buildings. We will also take you off the beaten track and in just under 3 hours you will learn so much about Valletta and the story of Malta.

The tour will end at the city center next to Republic Square and the guide will advise you on what to visit at your own leisure and how to get back to the ship.

A 2½ to a 3 hour tour with a fully licenced tour guide
Tickets for the elevator

Any entrance tickets. Should you wish to visit St. John’s co-Cathedral or any other museum, this can be arranged. It is not necessary to include any entrances when you book the tour, you can discuss with the tour guide and decide on the day.

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