About Us

We are a group of professional, local and licensed Tourist Guides, each of us with over 20 years’ guiding experience.  We have been doing this profession for so long because we love our job, and it is our pleasure to introduce our rich and interesting history to visitors.  We sat down together, combined our experience, knowledge and know-how, and devised these tours to ensure an enjoyable experience.  Our tours are neither too long nor too short; we have no intention of boring you, and we guarantee to give you value for your money.

City walking tours are designed to address the contemporary tourist.  Our tours are more than just an introduction, and by the end of the walk you will be fully at ease to continue exploring on your own. Why are we better? We are better because this is our operation, which we put together with a dedication towards providing you, our client, with the best possible service.  So join us on a walking tour – you won’t be disappointed.